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Election Archive Index

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Date & Type
Election ResultsSample Ballot
11/05/2019 GeneralResults2019 General Sample
08/06/2019 PrimaryResults2019 Primary Sample
02/12/2019 SpecialResults2019 Feb Special Sample
11/06/2018 GeneralResults2018 General Sample
08/07/2018 PrimaryResults2018 Primary Sample
02/13/2018 SpecialResults2018 Feb Special Sample
11/07/2017 General
Results2017 General Sample
08/01/2017 PrimaryResults2017 Primary Sample
02/14/2017 SpecialResults2017 Feb Special Sample
11/08/2016 General
Results2016 General Sample
08/02/2016 Primary
Results2016 Primary Sample
05/24/2016 Presidential Primary
Results2016 Presidential Primary Sample
04/26/2016 SpecialResults2016 Apr Special Sample
02/09/2016 SpecialResults2016 Feb Special Sample
11/03/2015 GeneralResults2015 General Sample
08/04/2015 Primary
Results2015 Primary Sample
02/10/2015 SpecialResults2015 Feb Special Sample
11/04/2014 GeneralResults2014 General Sample
08/05/2014 PrimaryResults2014 Primary Sample
04/22/2014 SpecialResults2014 Apr Special Sample
02/11/2014 SpecialResults2014 Feb Special Sample
11/05/2013 GeneralResults2013 General Sample
08/16/2013 PrimaryResults2013 Primary Sample
04/23/2013 SpecialResults2013 Apr Special Sample
02/12/2013 SpecialResults2013 Feb Special Sample
11/06/2012 GeneralResults2012 General Sample
08/07/2012 PrimaryResults2012 Primary Sample
02/14/2012 SpecialResults2012 Feb Special Sample
11/08/2011 GeneralResults2011 General Sample
08/16/2011 PrimaryResults2011 Primary Sample
02/08/2011 Special Results2011 Feb Special Sample
11/02/2010 GeneralResults2010 General Sample
08/17/2010 PrimaryResults2010 Primary Sample
02/09/2010 SpecialResults2010 Feb Special Sample
11/03/2009 GeneralResults2009 General Sample
08/18/2009 PrimaryResults 2009 Primary Sample
03/10/2009 SpecialResults2009 Mar Special Sample
02/03/2009 SpecialResults2009 Feb Special Sample
11/04/2008 GeneralResults2008 General Sample
08/19/2008 PrimaryResults2008 Primary Sample
03/11/2008 SpecialResults2008 Mar Special Sample
02/19/2008 Presidential PrimaryResults2008 Presidential Primary Sample
11/06/2007 GeneralResults2007 General Sample