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Title 16 – Land Divisions

Division of Large Rural Lots of 20 to 40 acres have just a few regulations.   Creating lots under 20 acres requires a platting process.  Up to 4 lots are allowed under the short-subdivision rules.  Creating more than 4 lots falls under the long-subdivision rules.  You should speak to the County Planner (725-7911) about subdividing property.  Back taxes may be due if the property is being converted from a forest or open space tax designation.  Speak to the Assessor’s office regarding all tax questions.  A moratorium on non-conversion of forest ground may apply if timber has been harvested within the last 6 years on the parcel.

This language needs to be on all plats.

“Lincoln County has no responsibility to build, maintain, improve or otherwise serve the private roads within this subdivision of land. By approving this plat or subsequently by allowing building permits to be issued for property on a private road, Lincoln County assumes no obligations for said road(s). The lot owner(s) acknowledge that Lincoln County has no obligation of any kind to establish, examine, survey, construct, alter, repair, improve, maintain or provide drainage or snow removal for the private road(s). Should the private roadway(s) be petitioned for establishment as a County road, the lot owners shall be required to bear the expense to upgrade the road to prevailing County road standards and that Lincoln County is hereby granted the right of ingress and egress to all private roads within or serving this plat.”

Title 16 – Land Divisions

Binding Site Plan Application

Boundary Line Adjustment Application

Large Lot Division Application

Short Plat Application

Subdivision Application

Exemption Request