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Title 8 – Chapter 8.40 E911 Addressing

How does the addressing system work in Lincoln County?

Addresses in Lincoln County are based on a one square mile grid (section grid). All addresses begin at 0 in the southwest corner of the county.  For each mile there are 1000 addresses (500 odd/500 even) and their direction is either North or East.  Example: 27234 State Route 25 N.  The road is State Route 25 and this segment runs generally North/South.  Furthermore, it is a little more than 27 miles north of the southern county line. (If it was an E/W road it would be so many miles East of the western county line.)  As you are heading in the direction of the road (North or East in the county) odd numbers are on the left side and even numbers are on the right.  Please contact Lincoln County Planning (725-7911, if you are unsure of your address.

Cities and towns in Lincoln County are NOT addressed in this same manner.  Their addresses begin at a point of their choosing and may go north, south, east, and west.  Contact the city for addresses in their jurisdiction.  The Seven Bays area is the one exception within county jurisdiction.  Their addresses are based on Plat #, Block #, Lot #, and do not have a north or east directional.  Edwall falls under county jurisdiction and standard county addressing applies.

County addresses are formatted as House number, street, type (Rd), post-directional.  City addresses are house number, pre-directional, street, type.  Only county roads are typed as RD (road).  Other types apply to city streets and named private roads.

Your address must be posted within 30 days of habitation such that it is clearly visible from the main road.  The sign must have Arabic numerals at least 3 inches tall on a contrasting background.  We recommend purchasing a quality metal sign with reflective lettering for easy viewing at night and durability.  White letters on a blue background are preferable.

How do I go about naming a private road?

  1. You must fill out a private drive name request form.
  2. Choose a name significantly different from current names  found in the Master Street Address Guide for Lincoln County.
  3. Submit your request to the Planning Department.

When choosing a road name to request for your road, keep in mind that we cannot duplicate a road name.  Changing the suffix does not solve this.  Ponderosa Pt is too close to Ponderosa Cir for instance.  Also note that the suffix Rd is reserved for County roads only.  Remember to think about what the next person buying property on the lane will think of the name you have chosen.

The GIS department provides Detailed Maps via this website.