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Reading and understanding legal descriptions may be difficult for many people.

A licensed surveyor may also be useful in assisting you with reading and writing legal descriptions.  We encourage you to contact a surveyor.

If you have found a surveyors marker (brass cap, aluminum tag, etc), you may find the Land Surveyor’s (LS #) license number.  To look up this number and find out more about this surveyor, visit the WA Dept. of Licensing website (click here). WA Dept. of Licensing website (click here).

If you are a surveyor subdividing property in Lincoln County, you will need the appropriate signature blocks on your plats.

  • Large Rural Lot Divisions
  • Short Plat
  • Long Plat
  • Checklist for recording survey maps (WAC 332-130)
  • Land Description Guidelines (WAC 332-130-040)

Survey Monuments Database at the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Survey records from the US BLM are available at