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Non-Residential Buildings

Detached Garages, Shops, Barns, Storage Buildings, Carports, Greenhouses, etc.

  1. Completed Building Permit Application with a site address.  (Often the same as adjacent residence.)  This address MUST be posted at the site before work can begin.
  2. Site Plan
  3. Copy of the contractor’s state license
  4. If there is to be any plumbing (bathroom, kitchen, sink, laundry etc), must have sewer and water approval from health department.  Plumbing is subject to additional fees found in Title 15 – Building Issuance and Fees.
  5. For pole construction, poles must be in holes before inspection.
  6. One set of construction plans including but not limited to:
  • Cross section of footings and foundation
  • Cross section of walls
  • Cross section of roof
  • Floor plan – if there is to be a separation of rooms
  • Climate and geographic design criteria
  • If there are to be cooking facilities, this may be considered a residential structure.
  • Plumbing plans to be submitted with building plans prior to issuance of permit.

Click here for a form to help diagram the details of your pole building.


If you call and leave a message on our voicemail, you must leave a call back number so we can reach you.

To clarify when it is necessary for the owner or contractor to notify this department of a needed inspection, the following information is furnished:

  1. Please follow the issued permit guide you received for all inspections.
  2. Final Inspection: To be made after finish grading and the building is completed and ready for occupancy.

Arrangements for all inspections may be made by calling 509-725-7911.  We ask that at least two days advance notice be given so that trips may be properly scheduled to avoid duplication of visits to the same areas on a daily basis.

Access permits are required for approaches to all county roads.  Existing approaches will be reevaluated when use is changed (i.e. farm approach to residential).