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Planning Division

Courtney Thompson     Planner E-Mail

Lincoln County Land Services

27234 State Route 25 N    Davenport , WA   99122

Fax:  509 725-4467

Cell:  509-348-0130 (ok to text)

Building & Planning Applications


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An appointment is highly recommended.

*The official newspaper of record for public notices is currently the Davenport Times.  All legal notices for Lincoln County will be published there.  The notice MAY also be published in other local newspapers.  Please send us an E-Mail if you would like to be placed on a list to receive occasional updates and announcements via email.

Code of the West: Some things you should know about living in the country. 

  •  Surveying: Survey Index, Signature Blocks, Checklist, Guidelines, Monuments, etc.
  • Title 8.4 Addressing: Address Request Form, County Road Name Request Form, Private Drive Name Request Form, Road Index, Suggestions for Road Names, etc.
  • Title 16 – Land Divisions:  Law, Binding Site Plan Application, Boundary Line Adjustment Application, Short Plat Application, Subdivision Application, Large Lot Division Application, Land Use Fees, Signature Blocks, etc.
  •  Title 17 Zoning:  Law (including detailed descriptions), Rezone Application, Conditional Use Application (SEPA Checklist), Variance Application, Maps, etc.
  • Title 18 Environmental: Critical Areas Ordinance, SEPA, Shoreline Management Master Program, Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, Outdoor Burning Information, JARPA, etc.