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Services We Provide

~Our mission is to help you act as responsible stewards of the land and resources of Lincoln County.

The Lincoln County Noxious Weed Control Board will:

  • Help landowners identify and control noxious weeds. We have brochures and handouts available on each noxious weed. All our information is free.
  • Provide landowners with information and assistance to achieve high rates of weed control and voluntary compliance with state law.
  • Provide landowners with GPS points on maps to indicate the location of noxious weeds on their property.
  • Survey, GPS and map noxious weeds countywide to determine the extent of the noxious weed problem, and to detect weeds at an earlier and more-preventive stage.
  • Provide educational services to the public through publications and exhibits, as well as presentations to schools and civic organizations.
  • Conduct research on the best methods for weed control and eradication in Lincoln County.
  • Meet with landowners on their property for weed walks to identify plants and problem weeds, and to recommend options and solutions.
  • Loan out a 4-gallon backpack sprayer to landowners at no charge. We do require a $100.00 deposit (check only) that is fully refundable when the sprayer is returned in the same condition. Call ahead to make sure a sprayer is available.
  • At a landowners request, provide maps and assistance to commercial sprayers to facilitate weed control on a landowners property. This is especially beneficial to absentee landowners who own vacation property in the county.
  • At a landowners request, release biocontrol insects on property. The landowner will need to buy the insects from a supplier, and we will release the insects at no cost to the landowner. Often, the biocontrols are sent to our office for release, and the bill from the supplier is sent to the landowner. We will GPS and mark where the insects have been released, and monitor their survival and spread in later seasons.
  • Coordinate efforts with other public agencies, such as the USDA, on the release of biocontrols in the county. The USDA sometimes provides biocontrols, at no cost to local landowners.
  • Provide information to landowners on the intelligent use of herbicides. We have updates on the latest research for safety and effective control.
  • Provide information to landowners on alternate means of weed control including over-seeding native grasses and beneficial plants.
  • For prospective home buyers and landowners, share information on past noxious weed infestations so they know what obligations they may be taking on with the purchase of real estate.
  • Conduct an annual pesticide recertification and pre-licensing training seminar each fall. The seminar offers four re-certification credits for those already licensed.
  • Identification of all local plants. If we can’t identify the plant, we have the resources to find out what it is.
  • Protecting Lincoln County from infestations of new noxious weeds is one of our top priorities. We are constantly on the look-out for new invaders.