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Lincoln County Noxious Weed Control Board

405 Ross St. Davenport, WA 99122  


~ Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 4:00



Farren Reinbold, Coordinator:

Kris Hubbard, Program Assistant:

Our Meeting Schedule for 2024:

All meetings start at 10:00 A.M.

January 16, March 18, June 17, July 15, September 16, and October 21.

If you would like to be put on the meeting agenda, please call the office at 509-725-3646 to be added.



Board Member Position Opening

District #1, includes the southwest section of Lincoln County. It is bound on the north by Township 24 N; on the West by the Grant County lines; on the East by Range 36 E; and the South by Adams County. This is a non-paid position, with a 4-year term of office. Interested persons residing in this district must make a written application that includes the signatures of at least ten registered voters residing in their same district supporting their nomination to the board.

If interested click this link for an application BOARD MEMBER APPLICATION, and return to the Weed Board office once complete.

Did you know?

All Landowners are responsible for controlling noxious weeds on their property, per RCW 17.10.

“Noxious weeds” are non-native plants introduced into this area through human action.
Because of their aggressive growth and lack of natural enemies, these species can be highly
destructive, competitive, or difficult to control by cultural or chemical practices.

Noxious weeds can reduce crop yields, destroy native plant and animal habitat, damage recreational
opportunities, clog waterways, decrease property value, poison humans and livestock, and create fire hazards.

“Control” means to prevent all seed production in noxious weeds, and to prevent the dispersal of plant structures which propagate and spread noxious weeds.

A landowner may control noxious weeds by chemical (spraying herbicides); biological (releasing insects); mechanical (tillage, pulling and mowing); and cultural means (planting desirable vegetation, fertilization, overseeding, and using goats or livestock).

• If a landowner fails to control noxious weeds, the county may take steps to control the weeds and then charge the landowner for the cost, plus a $500 penalty. If that is not paid, the county will place a lien on the property.
• There are 31 noxious weeds found in Lincoln County.

• In the state of Washington, the presence of noxious weeds on residential property is considered a property defect and must be disclosed. The parties may want to negotiate the cost of controlling noxious weeds.

Zebra mussels have been found in Washington!
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Invasive Mussels Detected

** There is a new REQUIREMENT for BOATERS! See our Aquatics page for details. **

Link to Direct Costs Estimates & Economic Impacts for Washington State – Invasive Species Economic Impacts Report January 2017

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