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In the interest of equal benefits and responsibilities relating to the control of noxious weeds, the Weed Board proposes that incorporated parcels should be assessed $15.00 per minimum parcel.

There are 25 assessed counties in our state and 4 counties that do not tax the incorporated parcels, Lincoln County is one of them.

At present, the only lands within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Weed Board that are not being assessed are the incorporated areas, yet the incorporated areas are not exempt from noxious weed problems. The Weed Board persistently receives complaints of noxious weed infestations by landowners of the incorporated towns.

Uniform assessment within land classifications means that all incorporated areas within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Weed Board must be assessed. Currently, the Weed Board treats incorporated parcel complaints sparingly. Field Technicians inspect very little in the incorporated parcels that lie within their respected area. If they see an infestation that they interpret to be at a level that needs controlled, they will take appropriate steps to see it controlled. No thorough canvasing takes place of incorporated parcels.

Here is a link to our informational handout on our Noxious Weed Tax Assessment in Incorporated Parcels Proposal: TAX ASSESSMENT PROPOSAL


  • The Lincoln County Noxious Weed Control Board regrets to announce to landowners that biocontrol agents are no longer available due to the retirement of our biocontrol agent distributor. We will continue to search for alternatives to help continue this great program in the future.   



The Lincoln County Noxious Weed Control Board will be performing routine surveys for noxious weed infestations in accordance with the Washington State Noxious Weed Law—RCW 17.10 throughout Lincoln County.

Field staff will not drive off of any access roads that lead onto or through landowner properties, access onto properties will be performed with the utmost respect and they will not damage any property while gaining access.  If they can’t adequately survey the entire property from the vehicle they will travel on foot to those areas.

You only need to respond to this public notice if you have questions or concerns. 509-725-3646