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Porcupine Bay Road Landslide

The landslide occurred on April 2, 2017.  The road has been closed since then and will be until further notice.  Due to public safety and the location of the landslide, there will not be a temporary bypass or detour constructed at this time.  The slide is not very active at this time but there is still some material sloughing off on occasion due to the nature of the slide and the type of soils that are out there.

Lincoln County has almost completed the right of way process.  The required property has been acquired and we now need to go thru the right of way certification process to make sure that we followed the Real Property Acquisition Policies Act. Once certified, we can request construction funding.

The civil design firm, HDR, Inc. with technical input from Budinger & Associates, Inc. has completed approximately 98% of the plans and specifications documents for the road repair.

If all goes well (which hasn’t happened yet), advertisment of the call for bids might take place in March with construction to follow. We anticipate approximetly three to four months to complet the repair.