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Porcupine Bay Road Landslide

The landslide occurred on April 2, 2017.  The road has been closed since then and will be until further notice.  Due to public safety and the location of the landslide, there will not be a temporary bypass or detour constructed at this time.  The slide is not very active at this time but there is still some material sloughing off on occasion due to the nature of the slide and the type of soils that are out there.

The civil design firm, HDR, Inc. with technical input from Budinger & Associates, Inc. has completed the evaluation of three different repair alternatives. The Technical Memorandum  can be viewed here: Technical Memorandum. The recommended repair will be Alternate #3.

Now that a repair alternative has been selected, a right of way plan is required showing how much right of way to be acquired. The plan requires approval from Highways & Local Programs (H&LP’s). Then the following need to happen:

  • Prepare a right of way estimate
  • Perform appraisals of the properties affected (2)
  • Perform an appraisal reviews
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • Acquire the property thru title deeds
  • Certify R/W thru H&LP’s

This is all very time consuming and is required thru the federal process. 

During that time HDR Inc. will probably have all of the construction documents ready for the bid procedure.