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Snow Plowing Notice

Snow Plowing Notice.

Winter weather is upon us and the Lincoln County Public Works Department would like to remind the public of its policy for snow plowing and pulling out private vehicles.

  1. Lincoln County Public Works sand and snowplow over 1,997 miles of roads from four primary maintenance facilities. Priority guideline for plowing / sanding roads is: Minor Arterials, Major & Minor Collectors and the balance of the system.  School bus routes on the above classifications will receive first priority status when school is in session.  Deviations to this priority guideline may occur to allow the best utilization of available personnel and equipment.
  2. Crews will start plowing as the storm event subsides. Lincoln County does not plow roads during a winter storm event except in emergency situations. An emergency situation is defined as only situations where fire, police, emergency medical services are called upon to respond quickly to prevent harm to or loss of human life or property.   Damages to private property as a result of emergency opening of private lanes will be the sole responsibility of the landowner/leasee.
  3. Paved roads will not be plowed until there is an accumulation of 2” or more of snow and gravel surfaced roads will not be plowed until there is 4” or more of snow. (See No. 2)
  4. During periods of drifting snow, roads will be patrolled and plowing will take place at the discretion of the road maintenance officials.
  5. Canyon roads and steep grades will be sanded at the discretion of the road maintenance officials.
  6. County equipment is not to be used to extract stuck private vehicles except in emergency situations. An emergency situation is described as an individual needing immediate medical attention or an individual being exposed to severe weather without assistance, etc. The only exception is when the private vehicle is blocking the roadway, preventing the snow equipment from proceeding.
  7. In accordance with the Laws of the State of Washington, private lanes will not be plowed except for emergency situations. An exception to this is to retrieve County equipment temporarily parked at a private residence.
  8. Removal of snow berms left in front of driveways, mailboxes and etc. are the responsibility of the property owner / resident.
  9. The use of liquid de-icing agents and sanding on County Roads will be at the discretion of the road maintenance officials, these applications may vary depending on temperature, wind conditions and duration of the weather event.
  10. Residents are reminded that State Law prohibits placing snow or ice on any public road in a manner that impedes vehicle or pedestrian traffic or makes it unsafe.

Lincoln County’s primary objective is to keep County Public roadways safe for travel. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please call Lincoln County Department of Public Works at (509) 725-7041.

David E. Orvis

Public Works Director