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Online Hearing

Lincoln County District Court will allow you to mitigate or contest a ticket on-line. If you proceed electronically in lieu of appearing in person before a judge, you are acknowledging the fact that no appeal may be made.

      •  This form is only for submitting a hearing, not for requesting one.
      • Do not ask for a deferral in your statement.  If you want a deferral to keep this ticket off your record please submit the proper form & payment, do not use this form. A deferral is NOT available after submitting a hearing.
      • You must provide an email address so the court’s response can be sent to you.  We only send the Judge’s response by email.
      •  School Zone, School Crosswalk, & Construction Zone tickets can ONLY be heard in court.  They will NOT be heard by this method.
      • If your infraction is for No Insurance please fax the card to the court.  For dismissal($25 administration fee) the card must show coverage for date of infraction.  For insurance after, the fine amount may be reduced.
      • If your infraction is for Expired Registration(Tabs), fax a copy of the registration to the court.
      • These items must be faxed the same day that you submit the hearing, or the hearing will be held without your proof.  Please don’t fax anything else without calling a clerk first.
    •  If you HAVE NOT scheduled a hearing with the court, this form must be sent prior to midnight on the 30th day from the issue date on the ticket.
    •  If you HAVE scheduled a hearing with the court, this form must be sent by midnight, the Thursday before your FIRST court date.  If you have continued your court date you are no longer eligible for this service. 
  • If you haven’t received the court’s emailed response within 15 days please call the court to avoid any late penalty.

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