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Deferred Infraction

Deferred Form

The law changed in 2000 allowing the courts to ‘defer the finding’ for up to a year on some infractions. If your record permits you may ask to have ONE CHARGE deferred.

  • If you have more than one charge contact the court to determine eligibility.
  • The court will assess a fee for deferral that could be more or less than the fine quoted on your ticket as well as impose conditions that you must meet.

These conditions are usually, but not limited to

  • you are not charged with any other violation in that one-year period
  • At the end of the year if you have met the conditions, the charge will be dismissed

There are certain charges that cannot be deferred:

  • Child Restraint Violations
  • School Bus, School Zone, & School Crosswalk Zone
  • Construction Zone
  • Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicle
  • Some charges of Negligent Driving
  • No Valid Operator’s License
  • 30 or more over the limit
  • 20 or more over limit, court’s discretion
  • Drivers with commercial Drivers licenses may not defer any ticket.

A person may not receive more than one deferral in a seven-year period for each type of violation, moving & non-moving, in the state of Washington.

You must print the deferral form , and send it to the Court with payment.

  • Please print your name on the top left, enter your infraction number on the top right, and sign and date the bottom left of the form.
  • Your request for a deferral must be postmarked within 30 days of the date the ticket was issued, unless you have requested a hearing & then you may choose to defer any time before your hearing is held.
  • Deferral is not available after a hearing.

The deferral fee is $180.00. If you want to make two payments you will be charged a $10.00 fee that will be added onto your first payment.  This is the only payment plan you can still make with the court itself.

  • First payment with fee $100.00
  • Second payment due in 30 days $80.00
  • No notice will be sent about second payment, if not paid your deferral will be revoked
  • Or send your payment in full along with the deferral form
  • Do not pay the ticket amount, only the deferral fee

We will not process your deferral paper work unless the first payment plus fees or the full amount is paid at the time you submit your paper work.