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Surveys, Plats & Maps

Surveys and Plats are recorded in the Lincoln County Auditor’s Office

Please contact the Auditor’s Office to obtain copies of recorded surveys and plats.

Maps, Drawings & Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Maps, Drawings & GIS all vary in accuracy and cannot be used to establish definite boundaries or property lines on the ground, and are to be considered approximate at best.

Surveys, Plats, Maps, Drawings & GIS mapping, are all utilized by the Assessor’s Office for general location purposes in the assessment of land for taxation.

How do I know where my property lines are on the ground?

If you need to know exactly where your property lines and boundaries are, you will need to either locate the corner pins previously placed by a licensed surveyor, or hire a licensed surveyor to survey the property.

The Assessor’s Office can assist you in determining whether or not the property has been previously surveyed.

How do I determine the approximate location or boundaries of a property?

If you want to know approximately where your property lines and boundaries are located, the Assessor’s Office offers an online option MapSifter.
MapSifter is based on GIS and is a work-in-progress, and not all areas have been completed. If you would like to come into the Assessor’s Office, we may have other tools and resources available to help in determining an approximate location of a property.

Land Services also offers an Interactive Web Map option, which is also considered a work-in-progress.

The following are some various examples of different types of maps:









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