Lincoln County Treasurer

Linda Fisher, Lincoln County Treasurer

Linda Fisher


  • Responsibility for the custody and safeguarding of monies for the county, school districts, hospital districts, fire districts, cemetery districts and special assessment districts.
  • Bills and collects real and personal property taxes, due April 30th and October 31st.
  • Bills and collects special assessments.
  • Deposits and invests all funds for county and all districts.
  • Collects excise tax on sale or transfer of real property and mobile homes.
  • Foreclosures and distraint on property for delinquent taxes and assessments.
  • Services debt of other local government entities supported by this office.

NOTE:  The Public Disclosure Act is for the purpose of providing existing documentation or records, not for the purpose of gathering, sorting and/or creating new documentation.  The department cannot respond to your request to inspect or copy a record unless this form and declaration of non-commercial use is completed.