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This is Quitting (For Teens)

This texting program sends daily messages to people age 13 to 24 to help support quitting tobacco. The messages are tips and tricks, but also real-life stories of other young people who have quit tobacco. The program was designed by people in this age group, so it’s reflective of what others have found helpful. The program is specific to you, so you’ll receive messages based on your enrollment date or quit date, whichever you choose. Once enrolled, you can then text words like COPE, STRESS, SLIP, or MORE to receive additional and instant support. Once you have successfully quit, you’ll receive messages of support for eight weeks after your quit date.  You can also choose to receive periodic supportive messages to help you stay tobacco free for as long as you’d like.

Text VAPEFREEWA to 88709  or DITCHVA to 88709 to sign up for the daily messages. It will ask for your age and information on your habits to make sure the information is right for you.

The text program is free to sign up for and receive messages. However, your phone’s texting rate will apply. Most people have unlimited texting included, but if your plan pays per text, those charges would still apply.