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Water Systems

Water Systems

In partnership with the Washington State Department of Health, we work to protect water resources, so they are safe and reliable sources of clean water. There are two types of public water systems.

Group A Water System

  • 15+ service connections
  • Serves 25+ people
  • Directed by WAC 246-290
  • Regulated by WA DOH

Group B Water System

  • 2-14 connections
  • Serves less than 25 people
  • Directed by LCO No. 8.30
  • Regulated by LCHD

Individual wells, or those which provide only one connection, are not regulated by LCHD or WA DOH. However, we are able to provide technical assistance to those who need it.

In addition to regulating Group B Water Systems, we provide several water-related services.

We monitor water quality data to ensure compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act.

We investigate concerns and complaints about water quality as well as water quantity.

We provide technical assistance for public and private water systems. This includes help with well location, construction, well-head protection, overall water quality, and well disinfection.

Onsite surveys and well-site inspections are part of our service to the community.

Group B water systems must be approved. We conduct the review and approval for this type of water system.

We provide state certified coliform testing as well as nitrate and fluoride water testing. More information is available on our Water Testing services page.