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Food Safety

Lincoln County Health Department works to ensure that safe food is provided to the consumer. Environmental Health Specialists provide many programs to assist retail food establishments and private citizens prepare food safely:

Food Service Establishment

Routine inspections, plan reviews and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) evaluation are conducted on all retail food establishments.

A food establishment is a place, location, operation, site, or facility where food is manufactured, prepared, processed, packaged, dispensed, distributed, sold, served, or offered to the consumer whether or not compensation for food occurs. Every retail food establishment must obtain a permit from the health department. Each establishment is reviewed by an environmental health specialist to assure that the facilities, menu, and food handling practices are in compliance with food regulations and safe food handling practices. Each facility is reviewed prior to opening and then receives a minimum of one inspection per year, depending on the food safety risk rating as determined by their facilities and menu.

WSDOH Food Safety Programs

Food Worker Card

Every employee handling food in retail food establishments in Washington State are required to obtain a food worker card.

All food handlers employed by food service establishments, including volunteer and part-time employees, must obtain a valid food worker card prior to employment, unless the employer provides and documents that adequate food safety training has been provided, in which case, the employee has fourteen days to obtain their card. The card is valid for two years and if renewed prior to expiring, the renewal card is valid for three years. The cost is $10. A valid food worker card issued by any local health jurisdiction is valid throughout the state of Washington.

The only authorized online training program is Other websites that appear to offer a similar card online are not valid in Washington.