Lincoln County Superior Court

Lincoln County Superior Court is lo­cat­ed on the sec­ond floor of the his­toric cour­t­house.

Many peo­ple do not re­al­ize the cour­t­house burned down in 1996 and was com­plete­ly re­built. The orig­i­nal foot­print of the build­ing re­mains the same, but all de­part­ments un­der­went a ma­jor up­date and some even re­lo­cat­ed! A few de­part­ments in the cour­t­house still have fur­ni­ture that mirac­u­lous­ly sur­vived the fire. The cause of the fire was de­ter­mined to be ar­son.

Lincoln County Superior Court is in ses­sion when there are hear­ings set. Every Monday, Judge Strohmaier signs dis­so­lu­tions in cham­bers. Every Tuesday is our L&M (Law and Motion) day, where short hear­ings take place re­gard­ing all as­pects of the law. Typically the fam­i­ly law dock­et be­gins at 9:30 am; the crim­i­nal dock­et be­gins at 10:30 am; the ju­ve­nile dock­et be­gins at 1:30 pm; and any­thing that may re­quire more time is spe­cial­ly set at 2:30 pm. The rest of the week­days are re­served for crim­i­nal tri­als or oth­er cas­es that may need more time for a hear­ing.

Parties can re­quest a spe­cial set­ting (mean­ing the hear­ing will take more than 10 min­utes to­tal) with the Court Administrator at 5097253081. Special set­ting hear­ings al­so in­clude hear­ings that one or more par­ties re­quest to ap­pear tele­phon­i­cal­ly. Telephonic ap­pear­ance is grant­ed by Judge Strohmaier on a case by case, hear­ing by hear­ing ba­sis.