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Lincoln County Superior Court

Lincoln County Superior Court is located on the second floor of the historic courthouse.

Many people do not realize the courthouse burned down in 1996 and was completely rebuilt. The original footprint of the building remains the same, but all departments underwent a major update and some even relocated! A few departments in the courthouse still have furniture that miraculously survived the fire. The cause of the fire was determined to be arson.

Lincoln County Superior Court is in session when there are hearings set. Every Monday, Judge Strohmaier signs dissolutions in chambers.  Every Tuesday is our L&M (Law and Motion) day, where short hearings take place regarding all aspects of the law.  Typically the family law docket begins at 9:30 am; the criminal docket begins at 10:30 am; the juvenile docket begins at 1:30 pm; and anything that may require more time is specially set at 2:30 pm.  The rest of the weekdays are reserved for criminal trials or other cases that may need more time for a hearing.

Parties can request a special setting (meaning the hearing will take more than 10 minutes total) with the Court Administrator at 509-725-3081.  Special setting hearings also include hearings that one or more parties request to appear telephonically. Telephonic appearance is granted by Judge Strohmaier on a case by case, hearing by hearing basis.