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2Morrow Health App

The 2Morrow Health app provides support for quitting vaping or smoking and tobacco use. There are two different versions, based on what you are quitting. The app provides tracking, support and tips for not vaping/smoking/chewing/etc and even helps with changing the way you think about tobacco. It uses the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approach to provide a personalized experience.

Visit the WA DOH 2Morrow Health page and choose the Vaping or Smoking & Tobacco app. It will have you create an account by providing personal information so the app is tailored to your needs and your journey. This will create a username and password.  You will then download the 2Morrow Health App in either the Google Play Store or Apple Store. The username and password are required for use, so make sure to save it.

The app is free to download, create an account and use. However, your phone’s data rate would apply. If your phone charges for data downloads, those rates would apply. You can avoid these charges by connecting through a wifi connection and downloading over wifi.