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Fairground Study

In October 2017 Lincoln County was awarded a planning grant to identify and evaluate potential uses for the fairgrounds that would make the 11+ acre property self-supporting – without disrupting the annual Lincoln County Fair. The results of that grant are found below, as is the original Scope of Work included in the project Request for Proposals.

Scope of Work for Project RFP

Report Cover

Report Title Page

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Orientation (pgs. 1-6)

2. Executive Summary (pgs. 7-18)

3. Legal Analysis (pgs. 19-24)

4. Fairgrounds Site Analysis (pgs. 25-38)

5. Lincoln County Profile – Resource Supply (pgs. 39-50)

6. Spokane County Profile – Market Demand (pgs. 51-64)

7. Resources for Business Development (pgs. 65-72)

8. Development and Implementaion Strategies (pgs. 73-98)

9. Financial Analysis of Development Alternatives (pgs. 99-110)

Exhibit A Current Utilities

Exhibit B Current Zoning

Report Back Cover