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Moderate Risk Waste (MRW)

Packing Household Hazardous Waste for Transporting

Lincoln County Solid Waste Management

Moderate Risk Waste Facility

34735 SR 2 East

Davenport, WA.


We have prepared the following suggestions to help residents pack hazardous materials for transport to the Moderate Risk waste Facility at our transfer station.


  1. Place containers in a box or plastic bag to contain any spills.
  2. Place like materials together. Separate unlike materials.
  3. Make sure containers are tightly sealed.
  4. If a container is leaking, place into a larger container like a coffee can or bucket, preferably one that can be sealed. Large zip lock plastic bags are also very effective at containing leaks.
  5. When at all possible, please label materials that are not in their original containers or that have lost their original label.
  6. Transport containers in the trunk of your car or the bed of a pickup away from passengers.
  7. For your safety please transport flammable liquids like gasoline in DOT approved containers. If fuel is transported in the passenger compartment, roll windows down. Please limit size to 5 gallons per visit. Staff will empty containers and return them to customers for reuse upon request.
  8. If you have further questions please call 509-725-0122

Household Hazardous Waste