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Litter, Illegal Dumping, and Unsecured loads

2020 Litter Crew Totals

Cleaned 314 miles of road

Collected 6340 pounds of litter

Another 1964 pounds of recyclable material

Collected 21 tires

And cleaned up 4 illegal dump sites


In 2019 Lincoln County Solid Waste Dept. Litter Crew:

Cleaned 151 miles of roads

Collected 6,660 pounds of litter

Another 3,292 pounds of recyclable materials

Collected 41 tires

And cleaned up 3 illegal dump sites

APPENDIX K     ORDINANCE No. 04-02 Enforcement of RCW 70.93.097



WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Lincoln County having convened in Regular Session in their office at the Lincoln County Courthouse this 6th day of July 2004, with a quorum of members present; and WHEREAS, RCW 70.93.097 requires that each city and county with a staffed transfer station or landfill in its jurisdiction to adopt an ordinance to reduce litter from vehicles. Further requiring that the operator of a vehicle transporting solid waste to a staffed transfer station or landfill to secure or cover the vehicle’s waste in a manner that will prevent spillage, and WHEREAS, RCW 70.93.097 further requires that the ordinance shall, in the absence of an exemption, require a fee, in addition to the other transfer station charges, for a person arriving at a staffed transfer station without a cover on the vehicle’s waste or without the waste secured.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED, that fees are hereby established for unsecured transportation of solid waste in addition to fees otherwise imposed for the use of the Lincoln County Transfer Station, as follows: A surcharge shall be levied against any person who transports solid waste to a county transfer station, recycling facility or compost facility, if when entering the facility any portion of the waste is visible to scale house or fee collection personnel unless the waste is only visible through a secure covering; PROVIDED, that this provision shall not apply to loads that are not capable of causing or creating litter.

The surcharge shall be assessed as follows:

  1. For a load delivered by a vehicle greater than or equal to one-ton capacity, the surcharge shall be ten dollars ($10) for the first violation and twenty dollars ($20) for the second and any successive violation for the said vehicle within any twelve (12) month period.
  2. For a load delivered by a vehicle less than one (1) ton capacity (“small public loads”), the surcharge shall be two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) for the first violation and ten dollars ($10) for the second and any successive violation for the said vehicle within any twelve (12) month period.
  3. As an alternative to the initial assessment, any person in violation of this ordinance may purchase a tarp from the transfer station personnel, at cost. Subsequent violations will be assessed the fee as indicated above.

All litter control surcharge payments collected by the facility operator from persons violating this section shall be deposited within the county’s solid waste fund. Monies collected shall be used for countywide litter control or litter collection purposes, cleanup of illegal dumping activities on public property, or general public information and education activities related to litter control or illegal dumping activities.

PASSED this 6th day of July 2004.