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Can I appear by telephone?

Telephonic hearings are considered special set and need to be set up with the Court Administrator prior to the date of the hearing as there is a high demand for telephonic hearings.

If you have already scheduled a telephonic hearing, please see the below information to appear for your hearing:

  • Please call 1-667-770-1557 and enter passcode 703373#.
  • During this phone hearing, you will be on the phone with Judge Barkdull and will be proceeding as you would be in the courtroom. Please refrain from interrupting the other speaker or the Judge, unless absolutely necessary. Judge Barkdull will ask you in turn for your argument.
  • Bench/working copies of any documents must be provided to the Court Administrator 48 hours prior to the hearing. (See local court rules LCR 7) Please make sure that bench copies to be printed by the court administrator, do not exceed 20 pages. Please email the copies to The originals of the documents will still need to be mailed to the Clerk’s office.
  • Please do not have any loud background noises (dogs, children, machinery, traffic, alarms, etc.) as it may interfere with the hearings. Also, if at all possible, please DO NOT use a speaker phone and speak directly into the phone.

Members of the public are welcome to join court proceedings but are not allowed to participate in the proceedings. The court can and will mute/remove a person from the telephonic “courtroom” if they are disruptive. A person who is disruptive could be subject to sanctions by the court just as if the person was physically in the courtroom.

Any questions or concerns, please contact the Court Administrator at 509-725-3081 or