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Probation Services

Lincoln County District Court Adult Probation /  provides probation services for adult misdemeanant criminal defendants.  When a defendant is found/pleads guilty in District Court, the judge may or may not place the defendant on probation.  If the defendant is placed on probation, either supervised or unsupervised, the defendant can expect to report to the probation office immediately after court.  At that time, a brief intake interview will be conducted.  During intake, the defendant will be advised of all probation conditions and necessary referrals.  If the defendant is placed on “supervised” probation, a risk assessment will be done to determine how often the defendant will be required to see the probation officer in person, versus phone or mail/email contact.  If the defendant is placed on “unsupervised” probation, he/she will not need to return to the probation office unless there is a probation violation.


Court Ordered Supervision:

  • Supervised probation will consist of monthly contact.  Depending on the risk assessment score, contact will be either in person or by phone/mail/email. The probation officer will monitor compliance with all conditions of sentence, including monthly review of the defendant’s criminal history.
  •  Unsupervised probation will not require any specific contact unless the defendant has an address/phone change, or commits a probation violation. The probation officer will monitor compliance with all conditions of sentence, including monthly review of the defendant’s criminal history.

Deferred Prosecution:

  • If a defendant is granted a Deferred Prosecution, the defendant will be on probation for 5 years.  Generally the first two years are supervised, the remaining three years are unsupervised.  The Defendant is required to complete a two-year Deferred Prosecution Alcohol/Drug Treatment Program.  During these first two years, monthly reports are sent to the probation office confirming compliance with the treatment program.  The defendant is expected to remain abstinent from alcohol and drugs for the entire 5-year probationary period.  If at anytime during the 5-year probation period the defendant fails to remain compliant with the abstinence order and/or treatment program conditions or commits any further criminal traffic violations, a motion to revoke the deferred prosecution will be filed with the court.  If the defendant successfully completes the Deferred Prosecution order, the case will be dismissed at the end of the 5-year period.


  • Probation will provide appropriate referrals for any conditions of sentence requiring outside contact, i.e.. Substance abuse evaluation/treatment, domestic violence assessment/treatment, mental health counseling, family/parenting counseling, etc.
  • -Alcohol/Drug Evaluation.   If the court has ordered an alcohol/drug evaluation, this evaluation can be done at any state certified agency.
  • -DUI Victim’s Impact Panel.  If the court has ordered attendance at a DUI Victim’s Impact Panel, the defendant may attend any state certified panel. online panels are not allowed

Community Service:

  • Community service may be done in the defendant’s home community.  All service must be completed for a non-profit agency that must be approved by the probation department before service is begun.  Probation will monitor compliance with court order for community service. All community service is voluntary.

Electronic Home Monitoring and 24/7 ALCOHOL MONITORING:

  • All electronic home monitoring and 24/7 alcohol monitoring orders will be referred to Spokane, or an individual’s home community if the resources are available there. The cost for EHM and/or alcohol monitoring will be paid for by the offender, Please call for information.


  • The If you are released on pretrial supervision, you must report to probation within 24 hours. Most pretrial supervision will include some form of alcohol/drug monitoring, or UA testing. All costs for pretrial monitoring are paid for by the defendant.