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450 Logan/P.O. Box 5
Davenport, WA  99122

(509) 725-7475/FAX (509) 725-2100

Lincoln County Juvenile Court Services (JCS) is committed to fostering creative interventions and treatment to address the needs of youth and families while assisting to ensure community safety, victim redress, and youth accountability.

Programs/services offered through Juvenile Court Services include:

At-Risk Youth: A legislated program designed to assist and enable parents to gain control of their children through court intervention.
CHINS: The acronym for Child In Need of Services is similar to the At-Risk Youth process, except that a CHINS is filed when there is a need to remove the child from the home while court intervention and family services are provided.
Community Service: Work performed for public entities without financial compensation.  Community service is ordered by the court and includes litter cleanup of roadways/parks and participation in various community projects.
Dependency: Dependency court proceedings address the needs of children regarding abuse and/or neglect, abandonment, no parent/guardian or that are developmentally disabled.
Detention: Juveniles are court ordered into a secured detention facility.  JCS currently contracts with the Martin Hall Regional Juvenile Detention Center, located in Medical Lake, WA, for detention services.
Diversion: A legal process whereby a first time offender alleged to have committed a minor criminal offense or cited for a tobacco infraction (non-criminal) may be offered an alternative to the formal court process.
Drug Testing: Random urinalysis screening for the detection of drugs/alcohol.
Electronic Monitoring: A device worn by the youth (usually an ankle bracelet) that detects and records a youth’s exit and entrance to his/her place of residence.
Emancipation Petitions: A legal process where 16 or 17 year olds may petition the court for legal status as an adult (emancipation).
Parole: Juveniles released from state correctional institutions to their home communities are placed under parole supervision and are supervised by state counselors.
Probation/Community Supervision: Supervision of juvenile offenders ages 8-18, as ordered by the court.  Under certain conditions, the juvenile court can require supervision until age 21.
Skills Classes: The following classes/services are periodically offered to offenders: Refusal Skills, Youth and Fire, Changing Ways, Minors in Prevention Program, Influence and Intimidation, Functional Family Therapy, academic tutoring, Youth Employment Program and mentoring.
Special Offender Supervision: The Special Sex Offender Disposition Act (SSODA), the Community Juvenile Accountability Act (CJAA), Chemical Dependency Disposition Alternative (CDDA), and Deferred Disposition provide special services for offenders that qualify.
Truancy: Juveniles who do not attend school are referred to the court for intervention.

Additional information about juvenile courts and services in Washington State can be obtained here.