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Visitation Information

Visitation Days:

In person visitation is based on housing locations

Visitation hours will be 1pm to 4pm

Call to verify Inmate visitation day.


Visitation Rules:

Each inmate is allowed 30 minutes of visitation per day. No more than 2 visitors at a time shall be allowed in a visitation room, excluding children under the age of twelve years of age.

Parent or legal guardian must accompany persons under the age of eighteen (18) years of age.

Photo identification is required prior to visitations.

Special visitations will only be authorized by the Jail Superintendent. Visitation will not be allowed if an ongoing investigation may be jeopardized. The Jail Superintendent or Corrections Staff may deny visitation for different reasons when presented.

Visitors shall not drop off correspondence, pictures or any other items of any kind for the inmate.  All correspondence must come through the mail unless authorized by the Jail Superintendent.  Commissary will be ordered through Swanson Services and distributed on the days delivered. All commissary items must be prepackaged.  The Jail Superintendent must approve all items not furnished through commissary.

No personal checks will be accepted from or for the inmates. All monies received shall be either cash, cashiers check, or personal money order.