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Jury Duty

If you were scheduled to report for jury duty in Lincoln County Superior Court on December 6, 2023, that trial is still scheduled. So as of now, you DO need to report for jury duty that day. Please check back to this website for any updates or call us at (509) 725-1401 or email us at We thank you in advance for your jury duty service.


If you received a summons to report for jury duty, you have an important job coming up! The right to trial by a jury of our fellow citizens is one of our most important rights and is guaranteed by the Washington State and United States Constitutions. Your job as a juror is to listen to all the evidence presented at the trial and to decide the facts. The judge, on the other hand, decides the law – that is, makes decisions on legal issues that come up during the trial. Everyone has to do their job well if our system of trial by jury is to work.

Please read Questions and Answers about jury duty service from Washington Courts here:

Washington State Courts – Jury Duty

I received a Summons/Questionnaire from Lincoln County Clerk. What do I do next?

Please complete the questionnaire you received in the mail as soon as possible and return it to our office. We need you to fill it out thoroughly and sign and date it. We need you to complete the questionnaire even if you are not eligible to serve, if you are asking for an excusal, or if you have conflicting dates.

How will I know if I still need to report for jury duty?

We will send out a letter to you or call you if you no longer need to report for jury duty on the date that is listed in your Summons, and we may need to postpone your jury duty to the next trial date scheduled. However, sometimes trials are canceled VERY close to the trial date which does not allow time for our office to notify you by mail, so you are requested to call our office (Lincoln County Clerk) at 509-725-1401 AFTER 4:00 PM the evening before the report date ,or visit this webpage again, to verify if the matter is proceeding to court as scheduled.

What happens if I don’t show up for jury duty and I wasn’t granted an excusal beforehand?

The Superior Court Judge would like to gently remind you that jury duty is a civic duty. Pursuant to RCW 2.36.170, a person summoned for jury service who intentionally fails to appear as directed shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. It is in the individual court’s discretion whether to pursue charges on a juror for not showing up for jury duty.

Other questions about jury duty?

Please call our office during office hours at 509-725-1401 or email us at: