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Weed I.D. and Options for Control

Click on links below to learn how to identify and control the following invasive weed species…

(Contact us if you would like a hard-copy)


 Absinth wormwood


Bull thistle

Butterfly bush

Canada thistle

Cereal rye

Common bugloss

Common reed / phragmites

Common mullein

Common tansy

Diffuse knapweed

Dalmatian toadflax

Eurasian watermilfoil

Field bindweed

Hoarycress / whitetop


Japanese knotweed

Jointed goatgrass


Leafy spurge

Musk thistle

Myrtel spurge

Orange hawkweed

Oxeye daisy

Perennial pepperweed

Perrenial sowthisle

Poison hemlock


Purple loosestrife

Rush skeletonweed

Russian knapweed

Scotch broom

Scotch thistle

Spotted knapweed

St. Johnswort

Sulfur cinquefoil

Western water-hemlock

Yellow flag iris

Yellow hawkweed

Yellow starthistle

Yellow toadflax