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Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

Gabe Gants, Sheriff

The Lincoln County Sheriff and his staff enforce and defend the United States Constitution and state constitution and laws. Read the National Sheriffs’ Association Article #2013-1 here.

Mission Statement:

  • To provide highly trained and professional Department members who will protect life and property through enforcement of regulations, ordinances, laws and maintain order within Lincoln County.
  • To prevent and detect criminal activity as well as to conduct investigations and to initiate prosecution within the court system.
  • To provide for the proper care and custody of inmates housed in the Lincoln County Corrections Facility.
  • To fulfill a commitment to public service by providing assistance of non-enforcement nature to citizens in need.
  • To provide effective crime control by actively fostering Department-citizen collaboration and problem solving and by seeking Deputy involvement in working partnerships between Department members and citizens in Lincoln County through the use of Community Policing techniques.

To report a non-emergency: (509) 725-3501
General Information: (509) 725-3501