8.04 Health and Sanitation Code

8.08 Abandoned Vehicles

8.12 Fireworks

8.16 Cremation of Unclaimed Remains of Indigent Persons

8.20 Open Burning

8.24 Solid Waste Management Plan

8.25 Solid Waste Handling Standards

8.28 Hazardous Waste Management Plan

8.33 Sewage Disposal Systems

8.36 Weed Control

8.40 E 911 Addressing System

Chapter 8.04 – HEALTH AND …continue reading “Title 8 HEALTH AND SAFETY”


9.01 General Provisions

9.04 Weapons

9.08 Land Use Element

Chapter 9.01 – GENERAL PROVISIONS Sections:

9.01.010 Purpose.

9.01.020 Applicability–Process requirements.

9.01.030 Coordination with the comprehensive plan.

9.01.040 Effective date–Validity under constitutional law.

9.01.050 Definitions.

9.01.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish the basis and process for determining, to the legal extent …continue reading “Title 9 PUBLIC PEACE AND WELFARE”


2.04 County Government

2.08 Board of County Commissioners

2.12 Defense of County Officers and Employees

2.16 Planning Commission

2.20 Juvenile Detention Services

2.24 Public Works Department

2.28 Housing Authority

2.32 County Vehicles

2.36 Public Records

2.40 Fee Schedules

2.44 Personnel Policies and Procedures Guide

2.48 County Employee Safety Policies

Chapter 2.04 – COUNTY GOVERNMENT …continue reading “Title 2 ADMINISTRATION AND PERSONNEL”


3.04 Sales and Use Tax

3.08 Additional Sales and Use Tax

3.12 Forest Excise Tax

3.16 911 Emergency System Excise Tax

3.20 Debt Management Policy

Chapter 3.04



3.04.010 Imposed–Collection.

3.04.020 Rate.

3.04.030 Administration.

3.04.040 Credits.

3.04.050 Records inspection.

3.04.060 Contract for administration and collection.

3.04.070 Violation–Penalty.

3.04.010 Imposed–Collection.

There …continue reading “Title 3 REVENUE AND FINANCE”


12.04 Standard Specifications for Roads and Bridges

12.08 Approaches to County Roads

12.12 Cattle Guards

12.16 Cattle Passes Under County Roads

12.20 County Lakes

12.24 Telecommunications Users of Lincoln County Rights-of-Way

Chapter 12.04




12.04.010 Adoption by reference.

12.04.010 Adoption by reference.


1.01 Code Adoption

1.04 General Provisions

1.08 General Penalty

Chapter 1.01



1.01.010 Adoption.

1.01.020 Title–Citation–Reference.

1.01.030 Reference applies to all amendments.

1.01.040 Title, chapter and section headings.

1.01.050 Reference to specific ordinances.

1.01.010 Adoption.

There is adopted the “Lincoln County Code,” as compiled, edited and published by Book Publishing Company, Seattle, …continue reading “Title 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS”


10.04 Weight Limits

10.08 Parking

10.12 Junk Vehicles

Chapter 10.04 – WEIGHT LIMITS Sections:

10.04.010 Declaration of purpose.

10.04.020 Scope and construction of terms–Definitions.

10.04.030 Emergency load limitations.

10.04.040 Special permits for authorized vehicles.

10.04.050 Maximum speed permitted on posted roads.

10.04.060 Action for damage.

10.04.070 Violation–Penalty.

10.04.010 Declaration of purpose.

It is declared …continue reading “Title 10 VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC”


The Lincoln County Code is a codification of the general and permanent ordinances, resolutions and commissioners orders of Lincoln County, Washington.

The ordinances, resolutions and commissioners orders were compiled, edited and indexed by the editorial staff of Book Publishing Company under the direction of Shelly Johnston, Clerk of the Board and has been kept …continue reading “Lincoln County Code”

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In 1883, Lincoln County was created from a portion of Spokane County, and four days later it, in turn, lost territory in the creation of Douglas County. Since that time there have been no changes in the boundaries of Lincoln County. When Lincoln County was established, Ferry County had not been created from Stevens …continue reading “History”