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Lincoln County Public Works will be starting its Annual Roadside Spraying Program.

SPRAY/NO SPRAY signs are provided at no cost to you in order for you to restrict the application of foliar herbicides within County right-of-ways adjacent to your property.

The placement of these signs should be just off the shoulder of the road with the face of the signs facing oncoming traffic. The NO SPRAY sign should be placed at the location you wish to have the County spray application stopped. The SPRAY sign should be placed at the location past your property where the County operator can resume spraying.

County-provided signs are the only approved method for marking the SPRAY/NO SPRAY areas. New signs must be installed ANNUALLY in order to keep our records current and to ensure the signs placed are legible. Signs can be picked up at the Lincoln County Department of Public Works Building located at 27234 SR 25 North, Davenport, Washington.

Individuals who place SPRAY/NO SPRAY signs shall have full responsibility for roadside noxious weed control within the signed area. The County shall not be held liable for claims resulting from someone not installing signs, or for the improper installation of signs. Call Lincoln County Public Works at 509-725-7041 if you have questions.