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Temporary Food Permit

A temporary food permit is required when an individual or group intends to serve food to the public at one location for a period of 21 days or less in conjunction with a single event or celebration. Each permit application is reviewed using HACCP analysis to assure that safe food preparation and handling techniques are used. An Environmental Health Specialist will inspect temporary food events to assure that food service is conducted in accordance with safe practices.

If you’re planning an event please fill out Temporary Food Permit application. The fee is $35 per day if filled out and paid seven (7) days in advance otherwise the fee is $50 per day for less than 7 days in advance. We will take local checks, cash, money orders or debit and credit cards. Debit and credit cards incur a minimum $2.50 fee.

Please feel free to come pick up your application at our office or call with any questions (509) 725-1001.