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Lincoln In Action


Lincoln in Action (LIA) was created in 2013 by youth leaders, Maggie Douglas and Elizabeth Richardson in Lincoln County, with the mindset of providing a voice to students throughout the community. It was founded to improve the health of Lincoln County and address needs that the community had outlined.


Lincoln in Action is youth-led, voluntary organization dedicated to improving the overall health of residents of Lincoln County through education, advocacy, media outreach and policy development.

LIA’s mission is achieved through educating the public of health concerns; organizing and encouraging community activities and outreach; increasing public participation and reducing high-risk behaviors; and providing fund and resources to events that support our organization’s mission.


While the executive board and members will direct the policy and action of Lincoln in Action, two employees from the Lincoln County Health Department will act as advisors and resources for the group. The advisors will guide the group for decision-making, logistics, and financial details as well as ensure LIA is operating efficiently and effectively. At least one advisor will attend each LIA meeting.

If you’re a high school student in Lincoln County that would like to inspire change, please apply!

Lincoln In Action Packet Instructions

Lincoln In Action Member Application