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Smoking in Public Places Violation

Smoking in Public Places (SIPP)

In 2005 WA State enacted RCW 70.160 with the intent to protect employees, visitors, patrons and others from secondhand smoke by prohibiting smoking in places of employment and other public places. Owners or persons in charge are tasked to ensure that there is no smoking indoors or within 25 feet of door, exit, window that opens or ventilation intake.

Signs for businesses:

5 x 7 vertical “No Smoking No Vaping within 25 feet”

5 x 7 horizontal “No Smoke No Vape”




Lincoln County Health Department is required to follow up on complaints that are reported by public when smoking occurs in public places. To report a violation, please contact us at 509-725-1001.


Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board regulates the law regarding tobacco and vaping regulations. Please look at their website for further information regarding these topics.