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Methamphetamine a.k.a. Meth

10 Ways Meth Can Mess With You

 Meth is one messed-up drug. Here are the top 10 reasons to stay far, far away.

10. Meth can mess with your head.
Meth can cause users to become delusional, paranoid and suffer from hallucinations. It can also lead to psychotic behavior even months after a user has stopped using. In other words, meth can make you act crazy.

9. Meth can mess with your social life.
Many meth users become so obsessed with using that they neglect their friends and family, which can be a pretty lonely way to live.

8. Meth can mess with your weight.
Meth can decrease one’s appetite and in return, cause them to drop some serious weight, often leaving a user with a sickly, skeleton-like appearance.

7. Meth can mess with your mouth.
Use meth and you can kiss your pearly whites goodbye. While little is know as to why, meth seems to take a terrifying toll on a meth user’s mouth. It may be a lack of saliva leaves behind bacteria which can eat away at teeth and gums. Or maybe it’s due to the fact that when high on meth, users often neglect personal hygiene and forget to brush their teeth. Either way, meth mouth is pretty darn gross.

6. Meth can mess with your neighborhood.
Makeshift meth labs can be set up anywhere — from bedrooms to garages to children’s play areas to motel rooms — and can cause serious health hazards to you, your family, friends and neighbors. Cooking meth produces large amounts of highly toxic waste which often gets dumped in yards, alleys and streets. Meth labs can explode, they can contaminate the environment, and they can endanger children (injury from fire, malnutrition, physical and sexual abuse, overdose, and exposure to toxic chemicals, just to name a few.)

5. Meth can mess with your moods.
Meth can cause extreme mind and mood changes including irritability, anxiety, euphoria, confusion and severe depression. It can also result in episodes of aggressive and violent behavior.

4. Meth can mess with your sleep.
Because meth stimulates the central nervous system, it can keep users awake and wired all night and even for days afterward using. When the binge is over, however, most users crash — becoming severely depressed, disoriented and unable to function. Long term effects can include chronic fatigue.

3. Meth can mess with your sex life.
Meth can enhance one’s sex drive, although, ironically, it can also cause impotence. And if that doesn’t scare you — this might: When high on meth, often the last thing on a users mind is protection, which can lead to the contraction of HIV/AIDS.

2. Meth can mess with your skin.
Sores and scabs are common among meth users who methodically pick at their skin because they feel compelled to do so, or scratch it because they think there are bugs crawling underneath it.

1. Meth can kill you.
Meth users may experience liver, kidney, lung, and heart problems — all of which can be fatal.