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Summer Hours:  Monday  -Thursday   6:00 - 4:00


Winter Hours:      Monday  - Friday       7:00 - 3:30      


27234 SR 25 N.
Davenport, WA 99122   Map

Office   509-725-7041
Fax       509-725-4467



Hawk Creek Road Improvement Project G-1020

Old Coulee Road Improvement Project G-1022


Public Works Director:                            

Rick Becker


County Engineer:                                      

Robert Breshears


Engineering Services Manager:               

Dave Sanford


Operations & Permitting Coordinator:     

Phil Nollmeyer


Solid Waste Supervisor:                            

Rory Wintersteen



Davenport        509-725-5021


Odessa            509-982-2462


Sprague           509-257-2251


Wilbur             509-647-5462


Mechanic        509-725-5021

Davenport Transfer Station (Recycling)  Hours of Operation: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Phone Number: 509-725-0122   


Call For Bids / RFP's



Lincoln County Solid Waste Management Plan 2010 Update

Permits, Forms, Applications

Application to Perform Work on County Right-of-Way (including Road Approach)


Request for Franchise Application


Application for Employment:  Applications are considered current for 6 months and kept on file for 1 year.


Summer Hire Employee Eligibility


County Road Name Change Request Form


Small Works Roster


Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC)


Vendor List



Tax Location Code:  2200 - Unincorporated Lincoln County


Chapter 36.81 RCW: Establishment of County Roads and Bridges


Click here for a brief document on What is QuadCo


Original county road numbers were up to 3 digits.  These were briefly changed prior to the 1970s and then the 3 digits got changed to 4.  In the early 1990s, a zero was added to the end so as to comply with the state system though the county still commonly uses the first 4 digits.  A list is available here.


Snow plow route maps are available here.  (Files are about 4 -8 MB  Note the hash marks on top of the routes are the bus routes.)  Davenport, Odessa, Sprague, Wilbur

bulletThe GIS department provides Detailed MAPS via the web.



Welcome to Lincoln County Public Work’s road information listing,

It is January 11, 2017 – 1:30 PM. 

The current road information is as follows: 

Davenport:   No road restrictions.  

Sprague:       No road restrictions.  

Odessa:        No road restrictions

Wilbur:         No road restrictions. 

Construction Road Closures:  

This road information will be updated as needed during the work week. 

Please drive safely!


This road information will be updated as needed during the work week. 

Please drive safely! 

For questions in regards to these restrictions please call Melissa or Kim at (509)725-7041, option 1.


Click here for status of State Highways

Snow Plowing Notice

Winter weather is upon us and the Lincoln County Public Works Department would like to remind the public of its policy for snow plowing and pulling out private vehicles.

  1. Lincoln County Public Works sand and snowplow over 1,650 miles of roads from four primary maintenance facilities.  Priority guideline for plowing / sanding roads is: Minor Arterials, Major & Minor Collectors and the balance of the system.  School bus routes on the above classifications will receive first priority status when school is in session.  Deviations to this priority guideline may occur to allow the best utilization of available personnel and equipment.
  2. Crews will start plowing as the storm event subsides.  Lincoln County does not plow roads during a winter storm event except in emergency situations. An emergency situation is defined as only situations where fire, police, emergency medical services are called upon to respond quickly to prevent harm to or loss of human life or property.   Damages to private property as a result of emergency opening of private lanes will be the sole responsibility of the landowner / leasee.
  3. Paved roads will not be plowed until there is an accumulation of 2” or more of snow and gravel surfaced roads will not be plowed until there is 4” or more of snow. (See No. 2)
  4. During periods of drifting snow, roads will be patrolled and plowing will take place at the discretion of the road maintenance officials.
  5. Canyon roads and steep grades will be sanded at the discretion of the road maintenance officials.
  6. County equipment is not to be used to extract stuck private vehicles except in emergency situations. An emergency situation is described as an individual needing immediate medical attention or an individual being exposed to severe weather without assistance, etc.  The only exception is when the private vehicle is blocking the roadway, preventing the snow equipment from proceeding.
  7. In accordance with the Laws of the State of Washington, private lanes will not be plowed except for emergency situations.  An exception to this is to retrieve County equipment temporarily parked at a private residence.
  8. Removal of snow berms left in front of driveways, mailboxes and etc. are the responsibility of the property owner / resident.
  9. The use of liquid de-icing agents and sanding on County Roads will be at the discretion of the road maintenance officials, these applications may vary depending on temperature, wind conditions and duration of the weather event.
  10. Residents are reminded that State Law prohibits placing snow or ice on any public road in a manner that impedes vehicle or pedestrian traffic or makes it unsafe.

Lincoln County’s primary objective is to keep County Public roadways safe for travel.  If you have any questions regarding this notice, please call Lincoln County Department of Public Works at (509) 725-7041. 

Rick Becker

Public Works Director



Lincoln County Public Works will start its Annual Roadside Spraying Program in April. SPRAY/NO SPRAY signs are provided at no cost to you in order for you to restrict the application of foliar herbicides within County right-of-ways adjacent to your property.

The placement of these signs should be just off the shoulder of the road with the face of the signs facing oncoming traffic.  The NO SPRAY sign should be placed at the location you wish to have the spray application stopped. The SPRAY sign should be placed at the location past your property where the Operator can resume spraying.

County provided signs are the only approved method for marking the SPRAY/NO SPRAY areas. New signs must be installed ANNUALLY in order to keep our records current and to ensure the signs placed are legible. Signs can be picked up at the Lincoln County Department of Public Works Building located at 27234 SR 25 North, Davenport, Washington.

Individuals who place SPRAY/NO SPRAY signs shall have full responsibility for roadside noxious weed control within the signed area. The County shall not be held liable for claims resulting from someone not installing signs, or for the improper installation of signs. Call Lincoln County Public Works at 509 752-7041 if you have questions.


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