Factory Built Structures

(AKA Manufactured Home or Mobile Home)

  1. Certified Installer Form and Law, for a printer friendly, PDF version, click here.
  2. Click here for a current list of certified Washington state installers.
  3. Installer Training and Certification
  4. Minimum Manufactured Home Footing Requirements
  5. Be sure to advise the manufacture that the minimum roof snow load in Lincoln County is 40 lb/sf.  This very small increase in cost may make all the difference in your new home.

  6. Mobile and manufactured home installation, Chapter 43.63B RCW
  7. Manufactured Home Installation Inspection Checklist
  8. Manufactured Home Installation: ANSI A225.1
  9. Pre 1976 Mobile Home: Alteration Fire Safety Pre-Inspection Checklist (Required by Labor and Industries when relocating home)
  10. Crawl Space Ventilation
  11. Contact WA State Labor and Industries for Alteration Permits and a wide variety of other information regarding Factory-Built Structures


  1. Completed Building Permit Application with a site address.  This address MUST be posted at the site before work can begin.

  2. Site Plan

  3. Proof of potable water: Health Department Approval Letter or Septic Permit

  4. Pre-approval of septic site from the Health Department: Approval Letter or Septic Permit

  5. Certification name and numbers of the installers other than the homeowner: form available online

  6. One set of manufacturer’s construction plans (if new home) for the footings and pier block schedule.  Footings are required (6” thick, 24” below grade to bottom of footing) on all homes.  Must be tied down to manufacturer’s guidelines.

  7. A relocated manufactured home should be installed according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.  If the manufacturer’s instructions are unavailable, you must either use Lincoln County’s standards (See below) or the instructions of a professional engineer licensed in Washington State.

  8. If the home was built before 1977, you must have a permit from Labor and Industries.  (Price is about $90 as of June 2007)  Go through the “Alteration Fire Safety Pre-Inspection Checklist” to correct problems.

  9. Addition/remodel of any Manufactured Home requires a permit from Department of Labor and Industries.

Minimum Footing Requirements

  * Note that this only applies if the manufacture’s plans with engineers stamp is not available.

1.    Place anchors and holdowns at manufacturers specified locations.

2.    Bottom of footings or pads to be at a minimum of 30” below finished grade.

3.    Footings or pads to be a minimum 6” thick.

4.    Minimum concrete compression strength to be 2500 PSI.

5.    1/2” (#4) rebar to run length-wise in footings or pads with maximum span of 24” O.C.

6.    If there is no pier block schedule then set piers no more than 5’ O.C.

7.    The site is to be graded and compacted (if needed) to the 2006 International Code      Council specifications.  The finish grade should be no less than 6” below building siding.

8.    Should allow a 6” sloping grade away from the building for 10’.